Tammy Robinson

Hi, I'm Tammy!

TL;DR I'm dedicated to finding new ways to contribute to my personal growth; both as a developer and human. #MKEHome.

I am a software engineer based in Charlotte, NC but Milwaukee, WI is home 💜. The youngest and only girl of four siblings, I grew up heavily influenced by my older brother's tinkering with computers – while another left napkin-like sketches on any blank canvas he could find. A focused trade of Art & Design during high school began to shape my passion for design and systems, and that continued throughout my years of study at the university in my hometown. In an attempt to dip my toes in the water of being away from home (a short time after finishing undergrad), I moved an hour and a half south to Chicago where I received my Masters in Information Technology and Management from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

I currently work as a Programmer at Tighten on a team that develops websites, software, and mobile applications for world-class organizations (Previously, crafting brand experiences as the Sr Frontend Developer at Atypic). I am also a lead organizer for Charlotte Devs and Queen City Bytes meetup groups here in Charlotte. Having a tight connection to the community allows me to be a resource to other underrepresented technologists in the earlier years of their journey, as well as foster digital inclusion by providing resources to Charlotte-area communities who may lack direct access. I am an advocate for all things black in/and STEM.

In my downtime, I enjoy traveling, reading, indulging in a good true crime documentary, taking the occasional hike at Crowders ⛰, and rooting for the Milwaukee Bucks and Green Bay Packers from my couch.

Want to connect? Drop me a line or you can find me on Instagram, Twitter or my LinkedIn. Also, check out my resume here.